Thursday, September 22, 2011


Attached, please find MS Word Document containing a very simple and basic business model Titled "Community Stimulus Act Utilizing Community Banks to Support Local Business Enterprises and Infrastructure Development", henceforth knows as "The Act"
Excerpt: "Goals and Objectives"
"To energize this proposal and enhance the chance for success, we visualize a basic community-based or bottom up plan of implementation.  Persons in the Community need to be aware of the proposal.  Thus, it will be important for local agencies to take responsibility for distribution of information and education.  This must include local newspapers and other communication channels.  Each individual, based on knowledge and consciousness, is capable of evaluating the initiative, forming an assessment, and if viewed as viable, talking with other persons to ask them if they agree it is a sound business opportunity plan, ask them if they would like to implement one in their community, and join in an effort to make it happen."
It is free and open to be tailored for the individual and specific needs of local communities as they see fit to meet/comply their issues in relation to The Act.
Below the fold, the Introduction to The Act is included.
It could work. Hoping you will review it too. If you find it worth of at least a second look,  please be generous and share widely.






1.    Introduction / Overview

2.    Goals and Objectives

3.    Focus Points



        This proposal is a partial answer to the ongoing critical problems in the United States of America.  The tone of the political and social rhetoric dominating the American landscape challenges all efforts to solve these problems. Additionally, there is no clear assignment of responsibilities amongst those wanting to address the problems and no clear reference point for solutions given the dismal failure of the tactics used to date.  These conditions lead us to a deep and detailed exploration of the problems and issues we face; thus, our effort to offer a model of economic change that supports a progressive agenda.

We have made an effort to explore much that has transpired since the start of the historic 2008 Presidential Campaign; including those trends that preceded the nomination of Barack Obama.  Our efforts examined, as best we were able, events, policies, attitudes, motives, hopes, expectations, performance, accomplishments, actions, reactions, of those involved, both in favor and against, what we envision is a journey in uncharted territory in the political process of a newly emergent Democracy.

Sadly, to expect less than absolute intransigence from the Republican Party is gross naiveté.  We base this not on caricature but their words.  The Republican Party acts from a core purpose: to make President Obama a one term President.  The welfare of the nation is secondary to this core mission.  There is no possibility of compromise, good-faith negotiations, or bipartisan cooperation. And no hope, in the future or the present, of Republican Party representatives agreeing to legislative action other than the ones which favor the richest 2% of the population, corporations, banking, finance, the industrial military complex, and more wars; especially ones unfunded. It is why we see any ultimate solution emerging not from these uncaring and unyielding representatives, but from replacements representative of a true loyal political opposition, interested in governing for the good of all of the people, for the country as a whole, and in a spirit of honest patriotism.

It is urgent and imperative that the people of the United States of America take matters into their own hands. In the spirit that guided the American Revolution, and all mass movements seeking equity and justice, it is the intrinsic right to restore order to the outrageously ineffective governing structure in Washington D.C. We are in great peril. The people are hurting.  The economic health of the country, reliant on a robust middle class and poorer economic classes grounded in opportunities for betterment, is in shambles.  In 2010, the poverty rate was 15.1%, the highest since 1993 (Lost Decade). People of Color were hit hardest.  Blacks experienced the highest poverty rate, at 27 percent, up from 25 percent in 2009, and Latinos rose to 26 percent from 25 percent. For whites, 9.9 percent lived in poverty, up from 9.4 percent in 2009. Asians were unchanged at 12.1 percent.  Net worth is one measure of economic justice.  Trend data is only available from 1984.  From 1984 to 2009, the wealth of Whites increased from $76,951 to $92,000.  For Latinos, wealth decreased from $9,660 to $6,325.  In addition, for African Americans, wealth decreased from $6,679 to $4,900 (full report). Indeed, today, the top 1% of the country owns more than the bottom 50%.  We have not seen this kind of economic inequality since 1928, right prior to the Great Depression. In addition, if you think it does not make a difference whether we have a Democratic or Republican President, from 1945 – 2005, every income percentile had a higher annual economic growth under a Democratic than under a Republican (comparative graph).  Moreover, the difference in gains made increased the less income earned. Thus, while it cannot be said that the rich do not get richer regardless of party, it is certainly true that all economic strata are better served and those with less income more so under a Democrat than a Republican.  There are two critical lessons: (1) the people are in a crisis and (2) the times are direr when Republicans are in power.

In this document, we, members of the progressive political base, respectfully submit proposals and suggestions for immediate implementation and continuance through the Nov. 2012 election and beyond.  The inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama to a second term is necessary to complete the objectives, yet to be fulfilled, of our 2008 contract.

The " Goals and Objectives" Section presents a simple, but very creative, business investment plan that will generate jobs, increase the consumer purchasing power, generate additional tax revenues and lay the foundation for decrease in the federal debt and reliance on purchases of the dollar by other nations.  We achieve this primarily through domestic funding of national infrastructure projects and support for business enterprises in local Communities.  Direct and targeted funding of community development initiatives will make the people safer, better educated and healthier, allowing them to compete in the global market and optimizing their chances of making progress.

In the "Focus Points" Section, we briefly examine what we identify as political realities, we attempt to assign some responsibilities and credit when and where justly earned, and a few practices and tactics that when employed will enhance our level of effectiveness.

There should be no mistaking whom we mean by the People.  They are the ones who need a roof over their head, food on the table for themselves and loved ones, health sufficient to survive the vagaries of living, and time for study or rest or imagining a future that is achievable and one in which we can all be proud. Pride in a world that has peace, a world where justice at homes means justice throughout the world.

Not too much to ask and aim for, is it?  You can make the difference!


Community Stimulus Act Utilizing Community Banks to Support Local Business Enterprises and Infrastructure Development